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On-site live performances:
Aya & Tano Spagâ Romanian Trio Orkestar Unbound

Kafana Zoom-only pre-recorded performances:
Aya & Tano Cabin 19 Da! Mozhem Ikos

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Aya Safiya & Tano Brock

Traditional Greek (Mainland and Islander)

Kafana set list:
Ena karavi apo ti xio
Kalamatianos - Syrtos
Aya Safiya and Tano Brock have been musical collaborators for over a decade. They met at a music camp in their teenage years, and began playing Greek and Balkan music together. In 2014, along with Cecilia Peña-Govea and Miguel León, they formed Taraf de Locos, a SF Bay Area group that created a unique blend of Balkan and Afro-Latin music styles. Following an album release and tour with Taraf de Locos, Aya and Tano traveled to Eastern Europe together to discover and study music. They have since been collaborating on a regular basis; continuing to play Greek and Balkan traditional styles, as well as contemporary original music. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Aya and Tano have been frequently performing live-stream concerts from their home studio, both independently and as a part of larger concerts/festivals.

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Aya Safiya

Tano Brock

: @Aya-Davidson
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Da! Mozhem and the Nema Problema Chorale

Eastern European with a Hambo

Alan Moore (accordion, kaval)
Barbara Saxton (vocals)
Ginny Snyder (arranger/director, clarinet, gaida, various strings, vocals)
Glynis Hawley (vocals)
Holly Thuman (bass, vocals)
John Burke (accordion, tambura, vocals)
Joyce Clyde (gadulka, vocals)
Lew Smith (percussion, vocals)
Nettie Weijsman (vocals )
Paul Litsky (prim, tambura, vocals)
Radmilla Zaric (vocals, primary language coach)
Rich Tucker (tambura, vocals)
Sonne Lemke (vocals)
Set list:
Pravo (Prez Gora)
Moja Diridika
Da! Mozhem started when three friends met once and a while to play Eastern European music, more and more friends joined. Many had been in other well respected groups such as Sviraci, The People's International Sliver String Macedonian Band, Born to Drone, Sidesaddle, M'Earthtones, Peninsula Women's Chorus, Westwind and the Slavonian Traveling Band. The group has gained polish over the years, but not lost the friendship and humor that is the basis for playing music together. D!M plays at a variety of folkdance venues and festivals in California.

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Cabin 19

Traditional Dance Music from Romania

Asaf Ophir (clarinet, sax)
Balder ten Cate (cimbalom, guitar)
Zina Pozen (accordion)
Set List
Constantine, Constantine!
Cabin 19 consists of three Balkan Camp enthusiasts collaborating to bring you dance favorites from Eastern Europe. The band was born during the pandemic and the band members are based in the SF Bay Area, where they play in various other Balkan and Middle Eastern music ensembles as well.

Website/Social Media: Asaf Ophir, Balder ten Cate
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Chrisoula Georgatos (bouzouki)
Jenette Sellin (guitar)
Evin Sellin (baglama)
Greg Jenkins (vocals, bouzouki)
Papse na me tyrannas - hasapiko (Vamvakaris)
Thermastis - Zeibekiko (Batis)
Hasapiko me baglama (Zambetas)
Pegasus is a shelter in place band from Occidental, CA organized by Gregory Masaki Jenkins of Bay Area's Rebetika band, Disciples of Markos. This is their debut performance as a band. They play music inspired by 30s and 40s Greece, mostly Rebetika and Smyrneika.

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